Top 10 Cities With The Highest Salaries For Expats


9. Hong Kong – $148,410

This is a haven for investment bankers and traders both domestic and international. As the last city on the list, it holds the highest salaries for expats.

You can make up to $148,410 on average. [1]

8. Jakarta – $152,000

Foreigners can rake in more than $152,000 a year.

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is laid on the Island of Java. With the low living cost, it is one of the best for expats as the island makes a good average. [1]

7. Los Angeles – $161,126

Los Angeles is favorable to expats as well. With the influx of celebrities that come in and out of it, and some making it their home, Expats on an average year earn $161,126.

The less cost of living makes up for being short-changed while not too high.[1]

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