The Top 10 Cities With The Highest Salaries For Expats


It can be quite hard, living for years away from home, being detached from family and friends and not being able to see them as oft as possible, inhaling a fresh start in a new and different city.

Even though the large sum of money they earn seems enough like a consolation prize.

However, if you do have a share of value you wish to exploit in another country, then you’re just in the right spot. We have top 10 countries with the highest pay wages for expats.

1. Mumbai – $217,165

As shocking as this may seem, Mumbai tops the charts when it comes to expat payments.

It doesn’t just end in being the largest Indian city, it also is one Asian financial centers.

A mouthwatering sum of $217,165 can be an expats take-home which almost, is double the global average. [1]

2. San Francisco – $207,227

Closely followed by Mumbai is the beautiful San Francisco, the Golden city.

Here, expats are assured a proper life quality, some of the best the United States can offer, plus a higher than average annual salary. On a yearly basis, $207,227 can be raked in by an expat. [1]

3. Zurich – $206,875

It can be factual that the occupancy of some of the world’s largest banks, and Alphabet Inc, possibly may have skewed the city’s numbers. Zurich used to head the table a few years back, and not only do expats rake in more money, they also get to live a good lifestyle regardless of the edgy living cost of Switzerland.

$206,875 is the average salary for expats. [2]

4. Shanghai – 200,000

This is another Asian city making it to the top 10 with a jaw dropping salary for expats. 

With its rapid life and impeccable urban growth and competitive jobs, it is just the right space for power.

Expats dwelling in China are the last to cross the $200,000 barrier, with $202,211 as the average salary. [2]

5. Geneva – $185,000

For Geneva, the average expat salary is just shy of $185,000.

With many high standard banks just as Zurich, tech companies and trading houses have found their headquarters in Geneva which rakes in a barn of foreign talent. [3]

6. New York – $182,240

With an average of $182,240, it isn’t weird to have New York on the list as it also is rapidly becoming one of the expensive cities to live in. While Switzerland with its high salaries provides expats with a better life, expats in the Big Apple need to work hard save a lot. [3]

7. Los Angeles – $161,126

Los Angeles is favorable to expats as well. With the influx of celebrities that come in and out of it, and some making it their home, Expats on an average year earn $161,126.

The less cost of living makes up for being short-changed while not too high.[1]

8. Jakarta – $152,000

Foreigners can rake in more than $152,000 a year.

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is laid on the Island of Java. With the low living cost, it is one of the best for expats as the island makes a good average. [1]

9. Hong Kong – $148,410

This is a haven for investment bankers and traders both domestic and international. As the last city on the list, it holds the highest salaries for expats.

You can make up to $148,410 on average. [1]

10. Paris – 139,602

The world’s Fashion Capital is placed on the 10th spot for cities with the highest salaries for expats. An annual $139,602 isn’t too bad and is good enough average to secure a healthy standard of living. [2]

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