6 Best Ways to Immigrate to the United States


6. Invest in the U.S. economy

As a foreign investor, you have an edge. If you want to immigrate with your family to the United States, then you should first find ways to invest in the American economy. [3]

A great way to start is by plunging $500,000 into an EB-5 Government-approved regional center. At this point, your chances of getting a green card will look great, although you won’t have any control over your money. If you want control, you’d have to step it up to a million dollars.

Both cases comes with terms; a 5-year commitment, employment of 10 Americans or more for a two year period. 18 months after, you can immigrate with your family to the United States, and apply for green cards 2 years after.

The good news is that 5 years after you enter the United States, you will get your money back.

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