10 Easiest Countries for Immigration


8. Belize

Belize is one of those English-speaking countries with incredible sceneries. It boasts crystal clear waters, soft sand beaches and great palm tree views. If any of these sounds like what you love, you should immediately begin making plans to visit at least. It’s a small country with a population less than Bakersfield, California and about the size of Wales. It is sandwiched between Guatemala and Mexico. Most importantly, its cost of living is incredibly low.

As a foreigner, you can apply for permanent residency after just one year of living there. You can get in on a visitor’s visa that lets you stay 30 days and keep renewing it monthly for a minimum of 50 weeks. Once done you only need a $1,000 fee and some bureaucratic red tape to get your permanent residency.

It is important, however, that you pay close attention to your visitor’s visa conditions. Not doing so can hinder your dreams of living here. You should also engage the services of a lawyer in Belize to help you through the process as some districts stipulate that after every 6 months, visitors spend 2 weeks outside the country. This automatically resets the timer on your period of stay and hurts your 50-weeks stay requirement. If you have any intentions of working in Belize you will need a work permit until you have gotten your permanent residency. Citizenship can be applied for only after 5 years of permanent residency.

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