10 Easiest Countries for Immigration


Depending on where you currently live, the idea of living in a different country can be fascinating. Especially if you live in a country with worsening political and economic climates or just want a change of scenery. Moving to a different country also offers new and appealing challenges that can result in major personal growth and offer new and important life lessons.

However, migrating to another country is not so easy. The governments of most countries demand you pay for a fee for the privilege and most countries have very strict policies regarding admittance. Besides, there are other costs involved including costs of travel, transporting your belongings and getting a new home in which to live.

This should not deter you from your dreams though. Some countries make the immigration process much easier than the average.  Following are ten such places. If you’re unable to achieve citizenship, several of these countries will let you stay there indefinitely. They are: